Sunday, January 22, 2012

The wreck of the Costa Concordia compared to the Titanic and 9/11

I was watching a recorded copy of this weeks Last Man Standing TV show tonight.  It ended and BAM I was dumped into the middle of the Geraldo Rivera show on Fox News.  I don't watch Geraldo but before I could change the channels I heard some incredibly stupid things coming from his special on the Costa Concordia accident.  Geraldo was interviewing folks in and around the coastal city of Giglio, Italy.  The blabber from those that Geraldo had on was, at best stupid, and at worst, shameful.  Within thirty seconds I heard two individuals on the scene near Giglio utter; "This is horrible, it was like the Titanic"and "This is our 9/11".   Really, you idiots on the coast of Italy think this was like the Titanic or 9/11?

The Costa Concordia and the Titanic did have three things in common; one is that they were both the largest and most luxurious ships of their class; two the captain went down with the ship, except that Captain Smith of the Titanic went down while he and his crew were trying to save as many people as possible before they died while the Captain of Costa Concordia was actually "going down" on his girlfriend when the ship went aground and then left the ship before he saw to the business of saving passengers and securing the vessel; and three, the accidents were indeed both caused by their respective Captans not obeying basic seamanship rules.  But folks that is where the comparison between the Titanic and Costa Concordia ends.

The Titanic sank within a few hours of hitting an iceberg, in 12000 feet of water in the North Atlantic, taking the lives of 1500 + passengers and crew.  The Costa Concordia hit a freakin rock within 100 meters of shore, listed to the port side, and as of January 21, 2012 there were 12 people confirmed dead and 20 others still missing.

The attack on America on 9/11 was the deliberate action of a bunch of Islamic Terrorist.  3000 + people were killed and thousands more injured.  No normal thinking human could possibly compare the accidental grounding of a cruise ship in less than 200 feet of water, which resulted in the death of no more than 20 people (and that is tragic and could have been prevented) with the death of 3000 + people in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC as a result of a pre-meditated and murderous attack on the United States by Al Qaeda!

I am sorry but this kind of mindless reporting of comments by obviously stupid people is indicative of the Integrity Free Media around the world!

There is good news however, no one in Giglio has yet to be reported blaming this ship wreck on either  BP or George Bush but that is probably because there was no-one on the scene in Giglio from Communist/Socialist Comrade Barak Hussein Obama's administration, yet!

Willie P
A common sense thinker from flyover country!

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