Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tired of being called a Racist!

Tired of being called a racist?  Read some of this elixir.  Take two doses each day. David Limbaugh very eloquently provides an elixir for all common sense thinkers in his Townhall column on Friday (1/20/12) .  Limbaugh expands on Newt's defense of conservative ideas and principles in his answer to Juan Williams race bating question about Newt calling Obama the food stamp president.  

David Limbaugh writes, "This, in my words, is what Newt was also telling Juan: "Juan, along with other Americans, I am sick and tired -- do you hear me, Juan? -- sick and tired of not being able to give voice to America's founding principles without being accused by sanctimonious liberals of bigotry or lacking compassion. Read my lips, Juan: Conservatism is not racism; conservatism is more compassionate than liberalism; conservatism brings real results rather than peaking, like liberalism, at the point of allegedly good intentions. Look at this audience, Juan. Like me, they're fed up with the finger-pointing. If you want to point fingers, look no further than President Obama, who, in the name of helping Americans, is bankrupting this nation and whose policies are destroying the economy, with minorities being hardest hit. So please spare me the lectures, Juan.

Newt demonstrated how conservatives should communicate truths and respond to slanderous attacks in the public arena. It's time all conservatives learned to overcome this morbid fear of their own shadows when it comes to articulating conservative principles. It's past time that they stand up to the liberal and PC bullying. There is a strong, aching hunger in Middle America for our side, our leaders, to fight back. Newt's subsequent surge in no small part is a resounding reflection of that. Let's take back the narrative."

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