Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama aims to ignore nuclear Iran

Will President Obama ignore this threat?

Game Point:  Nuclear Iran.  Set / Match Loser:  America under Comrade Barack Obama.

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Plotting Genocide in Wansee and Tehran

Seventy years ago today, some of the German government’s top bureaucrats gathered in a Berlin suburb.  . . .   there was nothing normal about their task: the extermination of the Jews of Europe.
Lawrence Kadish notes the event today in an important article in the New York Post. But the point of the piece isn’t merely commemoration of a milestone event in the Holocaust. Rather, Kadish wisely compares the bureaucratic thoroughness with which much of the considerable power of the German state was put at the disposal of the Nazi death machine with the way Iran is currently marshalling its resources for a similar purpose: the construction of a bomb that might be used to eradicate the state of Israel.

. . . . 
 ... He rightly points out that just like Adolf Hitler, a man who made no secret of his plans for genocide, the Iranian regime has also not been shy about telling the world its intentions for dealing with Israel. But in both cases, much of enlightened opinion dismissed their warnings as being mere rhetoric intended for domestic consumption. Few took the Nazis at their word in the 1930s. The same is true about the West’s refusal to take the apocalyptic warnings of Israel’s destruction, ironically by leaders like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who deny the original Holocaust while boasting of wishing to start another.

As Kadish writes:
       History consistently reminds us that indifference in the face of an
        implacable enemy invariably leads to disaster. 

Further, more often than not, our enemies tell us exactly what they mean to do before they do it. Acting on their warning requires our collective insight, personal courage and national will.
This month, the world is still in doubt as to whether the United States will act to impose an oil embargo on Iran, the only measure short of war that has a chance to convince the ayatollahs to abandon their nuclear ambitions. Yet even as President Obama dithers, Washington is sending signals it may be more concerned about an Israeli attempt to forestall the Iranian nuclear program and a possible rise in the price of oil, then it is in the cost of waiting until Tehran achieves its goal.
The Wansee Conference anniversary should alert us to the fact that such complacency can only lead to catastrophe.

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