Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 10th Amendment Project

Last night in his victory speech in South Carolina, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich briefly mentioned that his new found friend Rick Perry (We Texans remember Rick, he is the guy we are paying to be Governor of Texas while he is out running for a new job in Washington), was going to head he Gingrich campaign's 10th Amendment Project.

According to the campaign when the idea was announced last August, "The idea behind a Tenth Amendment enforcement act, Gingrich said, would be to kick federal regulations — and the resulting paperwork — back to the states, something he said could save money on both the state and federal side."

I think the idea is a good one and is clearly needed and I think Rick Perry is a great leader for the project.  But let's illustrate one of the MAJOR problems with politicians of all parties and all political ideologies.   This was the subject of a previous post on this blog (If you run for office, quit your day job!).  If Texas Governor Rick Perry really is a small government conservative who really believes, as he says, that taxpayers are over taxed then he will announce his resignation this week from the Governorship of Texas to work on the Gingrich campaign to head up the 10th Amendment Project.  

Now I heard Newt's announcement of Governor Perry's leadership of the project last night but I missed Governor Perry's announcement of the press conference to tell us he is going to resign as Texas Governor so he can focus on his next career in Washington.  

I am not traditionally a betting man, but I am willing to bet that Governor Perry is not any different than the majority of politicians and will not give up his day job while he runs for a new job over the next 9 months!

Just remember 99% of those in politics who lie to their constituents give the 1% who do not lie to their constituents a bad name!

Willie P
Just a common sense thinker from flyover country!

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