Saturday, January 7, 2012

Does anyone really believe that political polls matter?

We are almost constantly bombarded by the Integrity Free Media (IFM) with polls about who is ahead in the race for the Republican nomination to run against Obama.  Personally I am for anyone but Obama but I digress!

Millions of dollars and countless hours of air-time on radio and TV are dedicated (wasted in my opinion) to what seems to be an unlimited number of different political polls.  Political campaigns spend millions on gathering polling data so they can pander to what some pollster thinks some unique group of voters might want.

But what if the political candidates would simply stake out their own positions (not the position that some advisor gleamed from useless polling data,  told them their position should be) on the issues and simply articulate in writing and in their speeches their plans.  Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear a candidate say how he or she was going to cut spending and move America to a balanced budget rather than just telling us all what is blatantly obvious "America must balance its budget, Washington is out of control!" What if a candidate said I am for across the board spending cuts and plan to reduce spending by 25% on defense and social programs; I am going to eliminate all foreign aid and I am going require all Congressmen and Senators to cut their salaries by 50%, their staffs by 75% and their travel budgets by 50%.  If elected President, I will take no salary and require a 50% reduction in all Federal travel budgets"

And what if our politicians figured out, what all of us outside the Washington Beltway already know,  that the only poll that matters is the one taken on election day!

Now there is some change I can get behind.

Willie P

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