Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rick Perry can come back!

Folks, this may be way more than you want to read, but here is yesterday/today's take from RedState, closely stating the view I endorse--I know Rick Perry and I know he is a better leader and statesman than any of us have seen on this campaign.  Governor Perry offers an important choice on the spectrum of ideology he is a strong fiscal conservative and he can raise money, in fact raising money is where I met him when I was engaged raising money for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund five years ago.

This article in RedState  (Can Rick Perry Come Back?sheds some light, gives some support and clarity for why-Perry-matters in the political matrix, as well as what he needs to do to stay in the matrix and "get game."

If you have read any of this blog, you know I am part of the "damn-it-can't-be-Romney!" crowd and I want an alternative and I know that Rick can effectively lead the nation.  

I am also one of the "stop the circular firing squad" group.  I want to go back to the smoke filled rooms of the 60's where real people, not pollsters and the IFM shape everything.  

Willie P

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