Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If you are going to run for office, quit you day job first and risk it all!

Try this tomorrow at your private sector job.  Tell your boss that you are going to go out and look for another job for the next 6 to 24 months.  While you are gone you expect the Company owners to put someone in an “acting”role in your position because if your search for the new job doesn’t work out you plan to return to your old job.  Also point out that you expect your paycheck to continue while you are gone.  And be sure to your employer keeps your benefits package in tact and that your retirement plan continues and that any promotions or raises should continue as if you were there.   Let your employer know that you will check in regularly while gone, if your job search is not too intense. 

Let me know how this works out for you! 

Of course I hear you saying, “now Willie P that just doesn’t pass the reasonableness test, no one would expect an employer to do that, you must be smoking some strange stuff!”

Well you are right no private sector company could or would do that but the folks who work for us taxpayers do it all the time.  Just take a look at the Republican field and tell me why Governor Perry is still drawing his governor’s salary from the State of Texas?  Tell me why, when he announces in the next few days that he is withdrawing from the race for the Republican nomination,  he will be allowed to just return to Austin and assume his role as Governor as if he was just returning from a long weekend in Iowa?  The list goes on and on; Michelle Bachman will still be a Congress Person from Minnesota after being absent for months;  John McCain and John Kerry never missed a beat, never lost any seniority, or taxpayer paychecks or benefits and are  still senators after wasting how many months/years out on the campaign trail running for President.   

So the question of the day is, how many politicians do you think would launch campaigns for a new office if they had to resign from their current cushy taxpayer paid jobs in order to enter the race for the new job?  I will help you with the hard questions, NONE!

But then I am just a country boy from small town Texas and I could be wrong!  But remember how the politicians that we elected waste our money when you go to the polls and vote accordingly!

Willie P

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