Sunday, January 8, 2012

Obama and the Washington Elite Continue the destruction of America

America’s most inept Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, who routinely ignores the recommendations of his field commanders and routinely fires Generals and Admirals who dare express their opinions, has begun to shore up his voting base for the 2012 election by beginning an accelerated dismantling of the US Military.  This radical reduction of the American military places Barack Hussein Obama just slightly to the right of Ron Paul, the Libertarian Congressman from Texas, who has somehow gotten himself labeled a Republican, and is trying to oust the leading Republican leftist, Mitt Romney, to become the Republican nominee for the 2012 Presidential campaign.

As unbelievable it seems, it appears fiscal conservatives who believe the US Constitution is still valid, may be saddled with the choice of voting against the Democrats Communist/Socialist candidate Barack Hussein Obama by being forced to pull the lever for a Republican leftist candidate.  Of course this is very similar to the choice we had in 2008 and you can see how well that worked out for America.

Barack Hussein Obama, regardless of whether he is re-elected or not, will go down in history as the leader of the political party (the Democratic Communist/Socialist party) that “fundamentally changed (I would say ruined) the United States of America!

God help us all!

Willie P

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