Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Day in America for Americans in the race for the Republican Nomination!

Last week I was unhappy with Newt and Rick Perry for their attack on capitalism and I am still unhappy with any alleged conservative that attacks capitalism.  But that said, Newt's performance in Thursday nights debate on CNN has moved me back into his camp.  His answer to John King's despicable question was a home run.  I have always thought that Newt was the "smartest guy in any room he is in" and he proved it on Thursday night when he decimated John King and literally turned the tide in the Republican primary.  His victory today in South Carolina has certainly changed the dynamics of the 2012 Republican primary.

Of course the establishment media and the ruling elite Republican's have already started the attack on Newt.  They are now scared and dealing with something they never thought would happen.  We are already hearing from them that Newt can't win the election against Barak Hussein Obama and that Republican's in both the House and Senate are scared to death that not only will Newt lose in a landslide to Obama, but that he will take many of them down in the process!

Those of you in Congress who are afraid that Newt's ideas of a strong, vibrant, and financially healthy America are going to take you down in defeat need to simply stop lying to us and resign immediately.

I have no clue who is going to get the nomination for the Republican Party and I will warn you to watch out for an August surprise from the Republican intelligencia as they try their best to maintain their elected Royalty status.

This is getting to be fun to watch as it unfolds.

Willie P
Just a common sense thinker from flyover country!

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