Saturday, October 27, 2012

What is worse than American traitors on the ground, Like Hanoi Jane?

You must be asking yourself what anyone could believe is worse than the Communist Traitor Bitch, Jane Fonda, and her actions in Vietnam in the 1960s?  Well a friend of mine from Central Texas offers his view, based on the recent actions (actually in-action) by the Obama Administration in response to the terrorist attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  

"What's worse than Jane Fonda and her actions in Vietnam, it's an American command structure that:
1)  doesn't defend American diplomats who are under attack, with real time audio and video of the military attack in progress,
2)  that has mobile, competent military resources with 1 to 2 hours of the site of that attack,
3)  that has a few assets in the same city and orders them to stand down (one of the dead Seals disobeyed the order to stand down and defended / rescued as many as 30 people), and 
4)  an administration that spends weeks and weeks deceiving the American people about all of this, for the sake of an ELECTION.

"I suspect our president, our Secretary of State, our UN Ambassador and our Secretary of Defense all are responsible for various combinations of 1 through 4 (and more critical items could be added to this list--I'm just writing with quick thoughts, not comprehensively!).

"EVERY DAY for the last three or four days we hear more and more specific, heart rending details of our soldiers and our diplomats not protected before, during or after the military murder, WITH NO ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON, quite possibly ignored by the President himself.

"You won't see anything about this in the Liberal TV or print media."

While this is indeed likely based on what I have read and seen in the news, there is another possibility!  I have no evidence that this is true, but as I often say in regard to the Obama Administration, this is certainly believable!

What if, the whole attack on our Benghazi Embassy was part of an elaborate plan by a desperate politician to get re-elected gone terribly wrong?  We already know that the Democrats and Obama are desperate, have zero integrity, and are not only willing but also prone to do, or say, anything to get re-elected.  What if this was to be the October surprise that was to insure Obama's landslide re-election?

Just suppose, that someone created what is now known to be a bogus story about riots caused by a video, which few, if any in the Middle East have seen. Then uses the bogus riots as cover and in cahoots with a couple bad operators in Libya, have our Benghazi Embassy come under fire and Ambassador Stevens captured and taken hostage.  The idea possibly being to have our Ambassador just roughed up but not killed.  (We do have evidence now that the CIA told several organizations, including one of the former seals who died, to "stand down" when the embassy in Benghazi asked for help.) 

Then three weeks later, after weeks of intense negotiation and diplomatic efforts by President Obama personally, Ambassador Stevens is released safely and comes home to a hero's welcome.  Ambassador Stevens then accompanies the Great One, on the campaign trail the last few weeks of the campaign as Obama wins in a landslide because of his great and eloquent efforts as "peace maker"!

But what someone didn't understand is that real American's just don't "stand down" and watch as other American's are being captured and roughed up.  The two former seals, now dead, stepped in and did what real Americans do and things then went to hell!  The White House, the State Department, and the Obama Campaign are in a panic, Obama dissembles and the lying and cover up begins.  

As I said there is no evidence of this but it certainly is believable, based on the actions of the Obama Administration!  

But I'm just speculatin!

Willie P

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