Sunday, October 7, 2012

What the hell are these Code Pink idiots thinking?

Imagine the shock of these Code Pinkers when they realize that the folks in the Middle East, while they don't like drones flying overhead and killing them, dislike women (except for the use of their vagina's) even less.   What a surprise they are in for when they are arrested and jailed for their little protest about America!  Code Pinkers, you aren't in Kansas any more!

Of course once they are either kidnapped, raped, or murder (or perhaps all three) their survivors will raise hell and demand that the US taxpayers go extract them.  

Heaven help them!

Willie P

BTW, isn't protesting against America on foreign soil considered treason!  It should be!

American Women Marching into Tribal Pakistan: Obama 'Worse Than Bush'

Anti-war activists head to Waziristan to protest drone strikes

October 5, 2012 RSS Feed Print
Thirty-two Americans associated with the feminist anti-war activist group Code Pink are in Pakistan for a march from Islamabad to that country's tumultuous tribal belt to protest American drone strikes that reportedly kill civilians along with their terrorist targets.

Code Pink members donned giant vagina costumes at the Republican National Convention in August, but according to two group members contacted by U.S. News, participants will be modestly dressed in the conservative Muslim area.

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