Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hillary Falls on her Saber for Obama!

Last week we saw an interesting event.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while traveling in Peru,  on the morning of the second presidential debate, stated that she is responsible for the State Department!  Everyone says she fell on her saber for Obama, but did she.  Listen to her very carefully selected words.  But it worked, the Integrity Free Media has been talking about this all week.

The question is, what did Hillary get in return for falling on her sword for America's First Black President?

Well, only Hillary and Obama know for sure, but I could envision the following:

Obama:  Hillary you got to save me, get me out of this mess we have too much to accomplish for me to lose this election!  I will do anything you want if you will just get this Benghazi attack off my plate.

Hillary:  Okay Barack get off your knees, I will go out and take the fall for this, trust me.  But here is what you are going to do for me.  If, after I do this, you somehow get yourself re-elected here is what is going to happen.  Two years into your second term, you are going to convince Joe that he isn't feeling well and the pressure is too great on his aging body, and he is going to resign, for health reasons.  You then are going to appoint me as Vice President to fill out Joe's unexpired term and you are going to get me approved by the Senate.  Then you are going to treat me as your equal for the last two years and you are going to insure that I have $1 Billion dollars in my campaign fund and that the Democrats select me to run in 2016!  

And that my friends is the way things work in the sick and perverted world of politics.  

Just tell everyone when this breaks you saw it here on Common Sense Thinkers on October 22, 2012.

Wille P

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