Thursday, October 25, 2012

What did our Golfer/Campaigner in Chief Know and when? More than you have been told!

10/25/2012   Thursday   Noon

If you care about Middle Eastern affairs, particularly the facts about the Benghazi assassination of our ambassador and the military-style invasion and burning, looting and murderous killing spree in a sovereign U.S. territory in Libya, you should know there is new information evolving into the public sphere EVERY day now . . . very interesting and revealing emails and so on.  You can follow it all on the web if the National Liberal TV News doesn't tell you about it.

Here is a good piece for you to read over.  Just the title and beginning is given here, but the details are fascinating and informative if you wish to click into the details.  Our own movement's complicity, duplicity and incompetence probably is occurring, right up until today, at the highest imaginable levels.  These can-of-worms realities get in the way of a good election campaign.  

Hey, fuhgeddabout all that U.S. guvmint stuff!  Can't be bothered.   We've Got An Election to Run Here!    

Think the liberal media will be reporting on any of this?  Or will they help cover it up and hide it from the American public to assist the Obama re-election?

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Obama Knew
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Obama Knew
By Jeffrey Lord
Did ideological soft spot for Sharia keep U.S government from protecting Benghazi consulate?
Obama knew.
Say again, Obama knew.
So. The question.
If what happened in Benghazi wasn't incompetence . . . [could it have been . . . a cover up . . . ideologic blindness  . . . . ?]
Much more to read in the remainder of the article.  Today's new emails.  Commentary is all over the web.

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