Friday, October 26, 2012

Campaign Spending tops $2 Billion

Now I appreciate those who are willing to serve in public office, I don't have the patience.  I would make a good benevolent dictator, but not a good middle of the road appeaser.  But I digress.

Campaign spending this presidential election cycle will approach $2 billion.  That is $2,000 million dollars to win the election for a job that pays $0.4 million a year for four years plus perks probably totaling another $1 million per year.  Is it no wonder that the politicians we elect have a hard time balancing the Country's checkbook?  It is also a fact that when you depend so heavily on "other people's money" there are a lot of favors that must get repaid during your term.  Never ever believe that large donors give money to politicians because they just believe in their causes.  Large donors contribute because they want to influence decisions and get something in return!  And that my friends is true whether the donor gives to the Republicans or the Democrats.  Follow the link above and look at the donors to the Super Pacs!

Just wonderin!

Willie P

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