Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Sad Irony of the Democratic Party and their Pathetic Lies

I find sad irony in the Mia Love situation . She is a black mayor in Utah who spoke at the Republican convention Tuesday night and brought the house down. There was an immediate ugly personal backlash directed at her from segments of the left. She was called Aunt Tom and many other very ugly epithets I will not repeat. She was not really harmed, quite the opposite, as she raised a great deal of money during the hours after she spoke, but the Democratic Party was harmed. The Dems act like they OWN black Americans, and any who dare to break from the “group think,” and speak against the ideology of Democratic Party are subjected to taunts and vile attempts at discrediting reputations. Slavery is a thing of the past in the Republican party!    The irony for me with these types of attacks on prominent independent  black citizens who identify with conservative issues and the Republican Party is that they represent an ugly form of slave mentality or mafia threat.  “If you leave our plantation we will take you down!”

For me, Freedom means never being fearful of thinking for yourself or speaking your mind.

 The Republican ideology embraces the American dream of self-reliant achievement while the left espouses victimization and the thought that only with government help can you advance. This point was driven home again by the early life stories of Condoleezza Rice and New Mexico governor Susanna Martinez and Mia Love.  These women have risen to positions in government which seem unlikely to many considering where they started.  They embody the American Dream! That American Dream has always been the Hope that motivated the citizens of this country,  and  motivated even those in countries where such possibilities do not exist.

Under the leadership of President Obama that American Dream has been tarnished.  Rather than instilling pride in this country, he publically disparages America and often does this while on foreign soil.  He makes us feel incompetent, constantly sending the message that we are dependent on Government to think for us and take care of us.  While  this may be enticing to those who have drunk the Victimization koolaid, it is contrary to the American Dream which motivated those who built this great country.  Instead of encouraging success for all, he uses achievement as a wedge to stir class hatred.

Kuddos to the parents of Mia Love, Susanna Martinez, and Condoleezza  Rice for instilling that American Dream in their young daughters so they could succeed against all odds to become role models for following generations.

Vote very carefully this November!


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  1. Excellent piece. Sad times we are in when crap like this still goes on today. very, very sad.