Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are you happy that Food Stamps are being used for sweets, steaks, chips and non-essential foods?

Well a local business person has drawn the line and is is trouble for it!  I know that is a shock to all you who frequent here, but listen to the businesswomen who is looking out for the taxpayers!

“I don’t think American taxpayers should be footing the bill for people’s pie purchases,” said Andrea Taber, proprietor of the Ever So Humble Pie Co. in Walpole, who peddles her wares at the Braintree market on Fridays and now finds herself in the middle of the state’s raging fight over welfare benefits.

“To me it’s no different than nail salons and Lottery tickets,” Taber said. “It’s pastry, it’s dessert. My pies are great, but come on.”

But sadly local officials are in an outrage over this citizen taking this stand and she is in jeopardy of losing her ability to market her pies at the Braintree Farmers Market.  Read the story whole story here!

What a colossal joke the food stamp program has become.  Another good intentioned government program intended to help people through tough times has become a "right" with no restrictions on how the recipients spend other peoples money.

I am just sayin!

Willie P

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