Saturday, August 18, 2012

Liberals contend that there is no Voter Fraud!

As Reagan commented, "It's not that liberals don't know a lot, it's just that so much of what they know is wrong."

So lets examine two recent visible and documented examples of voter fraud for our liberal friends to comment on!  

In 2004, John Kerry edged out George W. Bush by only 150,000 votes out of 5.7 million cast. Kerry’s victory was built on an enormous margin in Philadelphia, where he won 81 percent of the vote, giving him an edge of 412,000 votes. Republicans have long suspected that voter fraud regularly occurs in Philadelphia. In the 1990s, a Philadelphia election that determined control of the state senate was thrown out by a federal judge because of massive fraud.

Last month, City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican, issued a 27-page report on irregularities he found in a sample of Philadelphia precincts during this year’s primary. The report, which looked at only 1 percent of the city’s 1,687 districts, found cases of double voting, voter impersonation, and voting by non-citizens, as well as 23 people who were not registered to vote but nonetheless voted. Schmidt also found reports of people who were counted as voting in the wrong party’s primary.

“We did not set out to quantify the magnitude of voting irregularities that occurred, but rather to analyze them in detail,” his report stated. “Nevertheless, we identified hundreds of cases of voting irregularities [in select precincts] that warrant further investigation.”

 [won by a literal clown, Al Franken, by 312 votes--after eight months of re-counting and lawyering]

 There were a lot of irregularities in that race, where a blizzard of magically appearing Franken ballots [always Democrat votes] put the old notion of squeaky-clean Minnesota elections to rest forever.  But one specific data point has become inarguable, thanks to the work of authors John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky: the number of outright illegal votes cast by felons in the election far exceeds Franken’s margin of victory.

To date, 1,099 felon votes have been identified, and 177 people have actually been convicted of voting illegally, with 66 more awaiting trial.  This is all the more remarkable because a simple claim of ignorance is good enough to avoid conviction – as York puts it, “the accused can get off by claiming not to have known they did anything wrong.

But we are to believe, if we listen to the liberals, there simply is no voter fraud in America.  

A. Thinker

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