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The Gaps In Obama's Life Story!

8/31/2012  Friday

If you keep up with political current events, at the level of knowing most of the minutiae, you will remember that a tempest in a teapot brewed up about three months ago when it was discovered that Obama's literary agent had promoted a biographical blurb about Obama for some years that said he was born in Kenya.

In other words, the business agents for Obama, that SOLD OBAMA'S BOOKS ABOUT HIMSELF, averred that BHO was born in Kenya!

This means that the biggest, oldest birther, claiming Obama was foreign born, was his own literary agent WHO WORKED FOR HIM!  Instructed by him???

Here is a recent piece that revisits the issue, just to remind you that you can't make this stuff up.   If you or I said the same, we'd be smeared and labelled as racists or crazo "birthers."  

But if Obama or his hired agents do the same on Obama's behalf, from 1991 to 2007, what are they?  Deluded?  Liars?  Myth makers?  Who knows?  I guess they could explain it to us, if they were talking.

To summarize, much of the biographical material on Obama is unknown, or mythographic, or phantasmagoric.  

Big, unusual words have to be used to characterize the "facts" about Obama.  That may indicate that facts about him are "big and unusual."  Maybe the facts about him are not facts at all.  And, it seems, no one has ever gotten to the bottom of Obama's background--more myth, fable and supposition, rather than any well-reported, well-documented background:  the trip to Pakistan, high school and mentoring by Frank Marshall Davis, the undergraduate and graduate college grades and theses, various sealed documents that might reveal how he characterized himself on applications at earlier ages . . . all hidden and locked away.  He's a "lucky man" that the mainstream media helps keep all this hidden by not doing any digging, file invading or bribery to get at these files, like they did with Rick Perry's college grades, for instance.

Why would we accept having a president who is a cipher . . . a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma--either when we elected him the first time or at the time of being asked to do it again?  Do you know the original riddle-mystery-enigma quote?

The Left went apoplectic over Romney’s recent joke about birth certificates — perhaps a tit-for-tat shot across Obama’s bow for the prior week’s presidential evocation of the old story of Romney’s dog on top of Romney’s car. 
But if pundits wish to be so angry at the birther joking, then they should go after the original birthers, who may have started the  myth — the literary agency Dystel & Goderich, which for over 16 years in their promo bio
 listed Obama as Kenyan-born — 1991–2007 — without any apparent complaint or questioning by those who read it. 
That fabrication was an odd thing to do for two reasons: One, authors are customarily asked to submit biographical information to their agents and publishers, and often periodically update and edit that information in catalogues, promo material, and booklets; and, two: The Kenyan-born reference disappeared
 abruptly in 2007, without any explanation, right about the time that Senator Obama began his campaign for the presidency.

Many have interpreted those strange events not as a simple “slip,” but as the lame fudging of either the agents, or the author, or both, to construct a suitably exotic birthplace for Obama that might emphasize the cross-cultural themes of his autobiography — a hypothesis strengthened by revelations that a great number of the key stories of Dreams from My Father were fictionalized, bearing little semblance to what actually happened.


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chuchillA form of Winston Churchill's quotation, made in a radio broadcast in October 1939:

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

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