Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today's reasons to vote Romney/Ryan

As a follow up to Marc Lockard's post here are more reasons why Obama will not be re-elected this year, these are just the headlines for the last two days:

  • American Ambassador to Libya Murder by Islamic fundamentalist
  • State Department alerts travelers about Rage Against America
  • Jobless Claims Rise to 382,000 in last week
  • Inflation jumps; wholesale gas prices up most in 3 years
  • Obama rejects Netanyahu meeting, invites Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president to talk
  • Mediam income lowest since 1955 
  • Michelle Obama:  Being FAT "Greatest threat to National Security"
  • Protesters storm American embassy in Yemen
  • US Flags burned in Tunisia embassy
  • New Clashes is Cairo
  • Iraqi militia threatens U. S. interests 
  • Al Qaeda leader urges support for ousting Syria's Assad
  • Last U. S Ambassador killed on duty 1979 
  • Sebelius Violated Law with Political Speech

If these headlines represent the America you love and that many of you fought for, then vote for Obama, if not it is time to fire him and begin restoring the America that is a leader in the world, that stands for right and freedom, and that the world respects by voting Republican!

Willie P

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