Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wearing perfume or after-shave? You're not allowed in here.

Just another day of liberal hypocrisy and stupidity in America!

From USA TodayWearing perfume or after-shave? You're not allowed in here.

"Tuttle, Okla., warns on its website and in signs that visitors to City Hall must "remain at the front of the building" if they're wearing fragrances. "Every now and then, you get some people who think it's stupid," says City Manager Tim Young, but fragrance-free air is a relief for allergy sufferers.

"Portland, Ore., banned fragrance use by city workers last year and asked custodians to use unscented cleaning products.

"Lancaster, Pa., allergist Clark Kaufman says fragrances can trigger reactions in people with underlying allergies, asthma and other conditions and lead to respiratory infections. "I equate it with cigarette smoke," he says."

And you thought that this was still a free country!  My God why is it that the Government must intervene  in every aspect of everyone's life!  Next thing you know perfumes will be linked to global warming, maybe that is why Al divorced Tipper?

Yes, Liberals are that arrogant and stupid!

Willie P

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