Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Are the liberals really this stupid?

Why yes they are!  

When I hear a liberal suggest getting rid of the Federal Tax on gasoline (or hell anything) then I might believe we have a chance.  Oh BTW the State tax on gas is at least double what the Feds tack on to each gallon, which is why when you travel and gas in one state is one price and gas five miles away across a state line is another price it is either the difference in state tax or the difference in state regulations about additives and blends, or both.  Without the confiscatory taxes of the Feds, State and local governments gas would be well under $3.00 per gallon.  The next time you fill up just multiply the number of gallons you purchased by $0.40 and that is what you are paying the governments. 

The only option I see is to vote them all out!  

Willie P

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