Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mexico's leftists again questioning presidential vote after closer-than-expected finish

From Fox News:  Mexico's leftists again questioning presidential vote after closer-than-expected finish
Jul 03, 2012
Pre-election polls on Mexico's presidential vote had projected that leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would lose by a double-digit margin
But with 99 percent of the vote tallied in the preliminary count, Lopez Obrador of the Democratic Revolution Party trails by just six percentage points behind the election's apparent victor, Enrique Pena Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

The narrower-than-expected margin is fueling suspicion among Lopez Obrador's followers about the fairness of the vote, and he refused Monday night to concede defeat just as he did when he lost a razor-thin race in the 2006 presidential race and set off months of political unrest. Although this time, he has not called his followers into the streets to protest.

Lopez Obrador argued from the start of the campaign that pollsters were manipulating pre-election surveys to favor Pena Nieto as a way to boost the idea that the PRI candidate was far out in front.
Pollsters denied that, and said Monday that they suspected some voters changed their minds and switched to Lopez Obrador in the final week before Sunday's election. Mexican electoral law bans the publication of polls just before elections, something the polling firms said prevented them from getting a last-minute snapshot of voter sentiment.

The leftist candidate also complained throughout the campaign that biased media favored Pena Nieto, particularly Mexico's semi-monopolized television industry.

"The media sponsored Pena Nieto, they manipulated, they deceived," Lopez Obrador said at a news conference Monday evening. "This was a really dirty election."

Lopez Obrador said he would not accept the preliminary election results reported by the Federal Elections Institute and would wait until Wednesday, when the official results are to be announced, before deciding what he will do.

"We will not accept a fraudulent result," he said.  Read the rest of this story here.

A couple of Common Sense comments from fly over country!  

1.  Where is Jimmy Carter? Doesn't he show up at every third world election to be sure they are honest?  Oh wait he is too busy accusing America of human rights violations.

2.  If you want to have a view of the November 2012 election post whining in America, read the rest of the story above.  But DO NOT be surprised when the leftist in America (the Democrats) use the same rhetoric.  If you have been paying attention they are already testing the waters on this theory in recent US elections. 

Remember you heard it here first!

And yes, liberals and leftist are that stupid!  See Jimmy Carter above.

Willie P 

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