Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama's Birth Control Plan - More Free Stuff from Obama

Well this week the Socialist in Chief Comrade Barrack Hussein Obama gave away some more free stuff to the nation's takers.  This week he simply decreed that health insurance providers will provide free birth control to all women who want it and guess what the health insurance companies must provide it for free. An Obama administration official said this week that the new policy would not allow health insurers to increase their premiums, charge co-payments or deductibles to make up for the cost of contraceptives.

Now this is a really nice perk for those who want and need birth control, but if they don’t have to pay for it, who do you think is going to pay for this “free” stuff Obama just gave away!

Obama just said it can not be the consumer of the product! It certainly ain’t going to be the pharmaceutical providers (nor should it be), it ain’t going to be the insurance company (nor should it be.  So the only ones left to pay, as always, is us! 

So if you have a job or own a business, buckle up, Obama and the Socialist in congress are giving away more of your hard earned money everyday to those who are the takers in our society.

Of course everyone who is getting “free stuff” is happy, but those of us who continue to pay for the all the free stuff Congress and the Administration give away are getting tired of paying for all the free stuff. 

So Folks when you go to the polls, choose very carefully who you vote for, the only way you stop those in Washington from giving away all your money, is to vote them out of office!

Willie P
A common sense thinker from flyover country!

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