Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Europe Saves the Planet with its new Carbon Tax!

So if you read the linked article you will see that the European Union, in an apparent desperate attempt to solve their economic issues, has decided that the rest of the world should bail them out through their new "carbon tax" on airlines flying into and out of Europe.  But you know they have to do it, because if they don't the world will end soon from all the carbon emissions the business folks and tourist burn up going and coming to the EU.

Of course the airlines and the IATA and many others are up in arms about this, even the Chief Female Socialist in Comrade Obama's cabinet, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has called upon the EU to delay enactment of this carbon tax, but to no avail.  North American airlines filed a complaint with the European Court of Justice but the complaint has already been rejected.

Everyone seems to have their nickers in a twist over this, but there is simple economic resolution.  Let the EU implement their "carbon tax" and feel good about saving the world.  Airlines flying into the EU will simply add the price of the tax to the tickets and consumers will decide if they want to pay it.  If they do then everyone is a winner.  If consumers choose not to fly into the EU, airlines will simply stop flying into the EU altogether.  The countries that will suffer will be the European countries due to their loss of economic activity for their businesses, increased cost to the rest of the world to do business in the EU, and a significant drop in tourism and travel will result from this stupidity.  This little socialist ploy will do what socialism always does, it will completely choke what little economic activity still exists in Europe and send the whole continent on an even faster slide into economic collapse.  But their is good news, the EU leadership can feel good since their carbon footprint will be really low!

Willie P
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