Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Failed Promises from a Weak and divisive President

Failed Promises from a Weak and divisive President

In a random act of journalism, the Washington Times ran a great article this week about the failures of the Obama Presidency.

"Despite his background as a liberal street organizer, Senator Obama campaigned on tax cuts and personal responsibility and preached that the government simply cannot be the answer to every problem.  Republicans would have no choice but to go along with an agenda to shrink the tax burden and get the federal government out of our everyday lives.

Instead, President Obama has devoted his administration to raising taxes, adding to the byzantine structure of the federal government, and has created a whole new massive bureaucracy he claims really will cure our every little boo-boo."  The entire article can be read here and is very much worth the read!

Interestingly the CBO announced this week that, although President Obama has yet to produce a budget, the Federal Deficit will be $1,100 billion (or $1 trillion) this fiscal year.  That means we will be borrowing another $1,100 billion from someone just to meet our obligations, while the Elected Royalty in Washington talk about slashing Federal spending by $200 billion ($0.2 Trillion).  The entire crew in Washington needs to be voted out!  
Vote wisely in November, and remember that no matter who the Republican candidate is if you are not voting for him or her, you are by default casting a vote for the Community Organizer turned Divisive President
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