Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who really killed Bin Laden?

Who killed Bin Laden? Here's a Marine's answer:

Let's be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American special operations team,
who Obama, just a few weeks before, was debating on whether or not to PAY,
did! In fact, if you remember a little less than two years ago, his
administration actually charged and attempted to court-martial three Navy
Seals from Seal Team Six, when a terrorist suspect they captured, complained
they had punched him during the take-down and bloodied his nose. Obama's
administration further commented how brutal they were. The left were calling
them Nazi's and Baby Killers. Now as Obama continues his re-election effort all of a sudden, the very brave men they vilified are now heroes when they make his administration look good in the
eyes of the public. 
Obama just happened to be the one in office when the CIA finally found Osama, and our special operations team took him out. Essentially, Obama only gave an answer, Yes or No, to him being taken out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!!

Ed Schreiber
Col. USMC (Ret.)
"Semper Fi"

We are reminded of OBAMA'S OWN WORDS about America's special operations teams.

2008: "Navy Seal Team 6 is Cheney's private assassination team."
2011: "I put together Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden."
2008: "Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty, and must be captured alive
and given a fair trial."
2011: "I authorized Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden."
2008: " Guantanamo is entirely unnecessary, and the detainees should not
be interrogated."
2011: "Vital intelligence was obtained from Guantanamo detainees that led
to our locating Bin Laden."

Please VOTE WISELY in the support of America in November!

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