Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Deficit streak ends: Obama sees first monthly surplus

You gotta love the Obama Campaign staff on assignment over at the Washington Times with this article.  They are all orgasmic with the above headline.   But like all the Integrity Free Media, the real news is buried deep in the article. But the Obama staffer, Stephen Dinan, does his best to make you think that the Obama Administration's policies are finally working and that America is on the fast road to recovery, all we needed was patience.

Mr. Dinan writes,"Boosted by better tax collections and slightly slower spending, thegovernment recorded a $58 billion surplus in April. That’s nearly a $100 billion turnaround from April 2011, when the government ran a $40 billion deficit."

But then your read a couple paragraphs down and you find that Mr. Dinan admits:

"Even with Monday’s good fiscal news, the government is expected to run a $1 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2012, which began Oct. 1."

So yes, in April most people filed their confiscatory income tax returns and there was a larger influx of cash than all the 11 other months, but regardless, the deficit will exceed $1 Trillion for fiscal year 2012. Which will add at least another $ 1 Trillion to the what you and your grandchildren will owe to others over the next 100 years, and sadly with the Democrats in power there is no end in sight to these kinds of deficits.  

Vote accordingly in November, President Obama and the Democrats must be defeated at the polls in November.

Willie P
A commons sense thinker from flyover country!

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