Monday, March 12, 2012

When Obama Loses, will he actually agree to transfer power to the Winner?

My friend and guest blogger, A Friend, posted last week on CST that he now believes that Obama will lose.  I am happy to have him finally join me in believing this!  But a better question and one that has not come up since America was founded is, "When Obama is voted out will he peacefully leave office?"

So far Obama has trampled on the US Constitution, which he swore to protect and defend, since he took office in early 2009!

He started the trampling on the Constitution with his larger than ever appointment of Czars, his socialist buddies, who would never have won approval of Congress, to essentially run the government!

He has yet to operate under a budget that has been approved by Congress, he is on the largest, uncontrolled spending spree ever in the Country, amassing more debt in just three years than all 43 presidents before him.

The Democrats in Congress in 2009 passed a bill nationalizing healthcare which was not even written when passed, and Obama signed it into law.

Obama has traveled the world apologizing for America.

He is raising taxes without the consent of Congress in the form or fees, penalties and fines.

He has orchestrated the take over General Motors, so he could save his union buddies pensions and buy their votes, while screwing the investors and shareholders.

His Department of Justice refuse to enforce laws they don't like and repeatedly lies to Congress.

Obama totally ignored the War Powers Act, telling Congress he does not need their permission to invade Libya.

His Secretary of Defense this week told Congress that the Obama Administration does not need the consent of congress to engage the US Military in foreign actions as long as the UN, NATO, or others have given their permission.

While all this is going on, Congress sits on their hands, and does nothing.  If I recall, each person elected to the House and Senate also swears to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

So ladies and gentlemen what makes any of us believe that Obama will abide by the Constitution when he is either voted out of office in 2012, or term limited in 2016?

Perhaps the United States has elected its first Dictator with the election of Obama, while Congress sits idly by doing nothing!

I hope I am wrong!

Willie P
A common sense thinker from fly over country!

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