Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama Will Lose

In these dark times and unfavorable polls for Republicans, March 2012, I'm actually beginning to think President Obama will get beat.  Why?  I think his base and undeniable devisiveness, hateful commentary, general smarminess and snarkiness when speaking will eventually wear down the good-hearted,old-fashioned, traditional people of America.  I believe those folks are still a majority in America, in the heartland AND the swing states.  

A lot of Obama's attitude shtick is often quite visible in podium videos. It's seen in the signature uptilt of the chin, the patronizing tones, the group tested us-them division concepts repeated ad nauseum, the curled lip sneer and the sidelong glance sarcasm.  I'm probably hallucinating all this, right?
My thought is people are going to decide they have had enough of the blame game, the anti-success, anti-productive, anti-prosperity ideas ("ya gotta spread the wealth around . . . finally, you've probably made enough money") and all the rest.  
Of course, I may just be talking to myself in the mirror.  I have thought all this since September 2007.  Maybe there are NOT enough who see it my way after 5 years, but I think there are.
I am just beginning to intuit in my reading a hint that enough people may feel all this, particularly on the religious freedom, First Amendment, Catholic, contraception issue.  
The Republicans will have to explain these many issues well and make them stick.  That effort is just now picking up steam.
Obama has been a disaster and a failed president. 
The Obama hope-changers do not act transparently, but are similar to termites deep in the walls.  No one clearly sees them dismantling the framework.   Obama covers their work with layer upon layer of happy-word-plaster.  It’s time to look.
In our foreign leadership Obama has turned the Super Power into a Super Bower.    We have gone from the world’s indispensible and helpful leader to a weak, wimpy, near-irrelevant go-along player, not acting unless the U.N. gives a “yes” to our “may I?”
Domestically he has done his best to “Fundamentally Transform TM” America into something it never was and was never meant to be, a social welfare pure democracy, where the takers can vote themselves benefits and outvote the makers. 
This November, can Obama’s destructive run be put to an end at four years instead of eight?  I believe it can.
A. Thinker

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