Monday, February 1, 2016

What is the Typical Trump Supporter Like?

Yes By God I Am Angry!

Every time I turn on the television I hear, “What is the typical Trump supporter like”?  What makes them tick?  What is their demographic?”  I have heard both the question and the “answer” so many times it is becoming laughable and frustrating.   Laughable to me because these, oh so informed pundits, are off the mark.  Frustrating to them because we are not a small group that can be neatly identified.

The pundits and talking heads talk about how angry we Trump supporters are!  They imply that Trump supporters are some sort of fringe group of deranged sub-humans!  They seem to be totally oblivious that Trump supporters consist of millions of frustrated American’s, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who welcome a fresh voice and a much-needed change in this Country.  And that my friends, makes me, a Trump supporter, even angrier!!

Is Trump the perfect guy in every way?  It’s pretty obvious that he is not, but then what candidate is?  Would I advise him to bite his tongue on a daily basis?....yes!  Why? Because I do not like bullying personal jabs and offensive speech and personally speaking, I don’t go there, (At least not publically)!! I think his skin is a little thin, but in spite of being a prominent public personality he has never been, other than peripherally, in the political arena. I do, however; think he understands the GAME and how to take advantage of the system.  Under the golden coiffed hair, the brutal verbal characterizations and one-upmanship I think there is a dedicated American, and a man who pretty much says what he thinks and what the rest of us are probably thinking.

I believe Mr. Trump does LOVE America, and DOES want to make America great again!! Important to me is that he is not an apologist for this great nation. There is also an impressive amount of “concrete” evidence that Mr. Trump knows how to “take care of business.” He demonstrates both business acumen and the ability to surround himself with very informed and intelligent people.  To be direct, I think Mr. Trump has the BALLS and the Experience to get the wheels back on the track.  I look forward to the type of trade negotiations he would forge that would bring jobs back to America. Projects such as the Keystone pipeline, which has been shelved by our current president, will create even more jobs and less dependence on foreign oil.

Mr. Trump has convinced me that he will strengthen and respect our military so we can once again “walk softly and carry a big stick.” I believe that he is serious about securing our borders and that after years of rhetoric it will get done.  I am counting on him to rebuild our military and in doing so insure the national defense which is the primary function of government and one which seems to have been neglected by the current president who has ignored and downplayed the seriousness of the threats to our country by Middle Eastern radicals.   I also believe Mr. Trump is proud of our veterans and I look forward to seeing them receive the type of health and financial care they deserve in order to live with the dignity they deserve.

As to the “category” my husband and I fit in as Trump supporters.  We are very proud educated patriots and business owners who have prospered from a strong work ethic in this land of opportunity. We have 3 children, who together with their spouses are very well educated and are all gainfully employed. We have 5 young grandchildren who I hope will have the opportunity to grow up in as prospering America, which we did as kids.   I spent 20 years teaching in public school until I became so heartsick and distraught with the dumbing down of general education and the dissolution of a system which had for generations before, set high standards in order to help lift generations out of poverty.  I salute those parents who are willing to homeschool or seek private education to avoid having their children being subtly indoctrinated with the governments social agenda, instead of focusing aggressively on helping each child be securely grounded in the basics of education so they will be able to understand historical knowledge of failed socialist and communist countries.

 We are very tired of things as they are.  We are sick and tired of electing government representatives who then simply ignore their promises and fail to govern as they campaigned. This was never more evident than the recent passage of the Omnibus-spending bill.  My representative just lost my vote.  Once they drink the DC Kool-Aid, they are addled.

We are sick and tired of the simpering media and entrenched political machines thinking they are the end all and be all.  It is ludicrous to watch them trying to figure out what we are thinking and then filling the airwaves by regurgitating what they think we are thinking.   They are turning themselves inside out trying to understand why a belligerent, renegade, non-politician with an impressive record of accomplishment is appealing to us.  Let me clear up this little conundrum for you…….. We are tired of the bloated government agencies that seem to be more intent on preserving their power than providing service.   We are sick of political correctness, which is an epidemic itself infiltrating every aspect of our lives.  We are tired of being disrespected as citizens, and tired of seeing our country being disrespected around the world.  We are looking for a leader who will set an agenda and actually follow through.

You wonder who we are, that a coarse, bellicose, “get it done,” New Yorker who has contempt for the PC establishment is appealing to us. We are people who like Action and Results as opposed to Rhetoric and Nothing!!  We are sick and disgusted by a president who vocally denigrates our country while visiting on foreign soils.  We are discouraged by the lack of pride he engenders in Americans about themselves.  We are disheartened by instance after instance of him fanning the flames of racial discord.

 We are angry, sickened and disgusted by political debates where the goal of the preening, and at times giddy, moderators seem to be provoking the candidates to cat fight rather than discussing substantive issues.  We are sick and angry that the political establishment, as well as the media, thinking it is their job to tell us what to think and how to vote, and then become totally frenzied if their pre-determined dictates are not followed.  We are sick of the media appearing to make the assumption that their IQs are far above that of their audiences, and that within their witty intellectual superiority all truths are to be found.  Are you kidding me??

Many of my friends feel a sense of helplessness about the corruption eking from every facet of government.  We are saddened to consider the possibility that the stinking mess in Washington can never be cleaned up.  Saddened to think that we are slowly being led down the path to socialism, which has been the demise of every country that has adopted it. Saddened that even with the example of those countries who are now bankrupted by their Socialist programs on prominent display,( i.e. Venezuela)  many Americans are clueless. Saddened by the ridiculous notion that having to show a voter ID card is suppressing the vote!!!

I recently had a conversation with a friend and her outrage at our government, the media and the political landscape seemed to exceed mine!  We little people, out here in the hinterlands, are not as oblivious as you think we are. Many of us are not sheeple who follow the leader and take the conventional path. And I do not think the anger and outrage can be so neatly categorized as you think.  Many of us, with varying educational levels and ranking from high to low on the socio-economic strata, are desperately looking for someone with some MOXIE, Backbone and Balls to run this country, and in return for exhibiting those attributes I think we are willing to forgive a number of character flaws.  I will vote for the Republican candidate whoever that may be, as all of the Republican hopefuls stand heads ABOVE the Democratic candidates, who are mired in socialism, corruption and illegal activities for which, sadly, they will never be prosecuted!

                               Yes By God I Am Angry!

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