Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama Regrets His Filibuster of Bush Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito in 2006

White House: Obama 'regrets' his filibuster of Supreme Court nominee

President Obama “regrets” filibustering the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in 2006, his top spokesman said Wednesday, though he maintains that the Republican opposition to his effort to replace Justice Antonin Scalia is unprecedented. 
“That is an approach the president regrets,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.
So let me translate Josh Earnest's comments for you! 
We want to be sure you gullible peasants out there in the Obama Kingdom, realize Obama regrets that you people remember and have digitally recorded evidence that reminds you of one more of Obama's lies and mis-deeds.
Apparently someone in the Press Office realized the long established belief by Democrats that "all history begins tomorrow" is simply not true.  
I'm just sayin!
Willie P
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  1. Thanks for the comment. Yes it is indeed unfortunate for the Ruling Class on both sides of the asile.