Friday, February 5, 2016

10 Things America Needs in 2016

This is why Trump has traction in the US Presidential race. Trump is talking about this, the rest are debating policy statements and parsing words!  

1. Require Congress to live by the same laws, retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else.  

2. Strength the US Military to protect the United States from foreign invasion and attack.  

3. Establish term limits to end career politicians and political dynasties.  Three 4 year terms in the House,  two 6 year terms in the senate. 

4.  End federal retirement programs for Senators and Congressman

5.  Eliminate deficit spending

6.  Establish zero based budgeting

7.  Require all government services and agencies to be justified every five years.

8.  Eliminate the IRS and establish a flat 12% tax on all personal and business revenue no exemptions or exceptions.  You earn $10 you pay $1.20 in tax.  You earn a million dollars you pay $120,000.

9.  The flat tax rate can only be changed through a Constitutional amendment; however the rate may be lowered at any time by a majority vote by both houses of Congress and the signature of the President.  However the 12% flat tax rate cannot be lowered until the entire national debt is retired.

10.  Strictly enforce all US laws and halt all immigration until we assimilate those already here. Any non US Citizen found guilty of violating any local, state or Federal law, will be deported within 24 hours of their conviction.  

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