Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What if Obama was President in 1941?

by Bill Neinast

Political cartoons frequently portray current events in a humorous or satirical manner.  Both are apparent in the single panel by Deryl Skelton that is currently making the rounds on the internet.

In a parody of President Roosevelt’s “"a date which will live in infamy" speech, the dialogue in Skelton’s cartoon is, “What if Obama were President in 1941?  We think it might’ve gone something like this..! 

“ Yesterday..December 7, 1941..was a pretty rough day.  

“Some bad dudes from another country..doesn’t matter which one..randomly attacked some folks in Hawaii who were on some boats.

“Now, before we get on our high horse about this, I have to remind you we’ve attacked people before.   It’s up to us to find out what we did to make them mad.

“In response, I plan on hosting a seminar to give job opportunities for Kamikaze Pilots, to give them other things to do.

“After all, it wasn’t an entire country that bombed us.  Just a few guys in planes.” 

That reads like it was ripped out of today’s headlines.  President Obama cannot call the terrorists wreaking havoc throughout the world Muslim, because there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. 

He says that we cannot offend that many people because of faith, particularly since we brought this on ourselves.  This is just some gangs like those found in our cities responding to the Christian Crusades a thousand years.

Those gangs are also agitated by our confinement of of some prisoners of a particular faith in that hell hole of Gitmo.  That prison has to go because it is such a recruitment tool for converts like those three young women who left London for Syria.

The current world situation could be described in another cartoon featuring Obama with this dialogue:
“We will take care of the terrorist problem by denigrating them to the junior varsity, by closing gGitmo, by putingt them in their place like we are doing in Yemen, and by encouraging Iran to join us in the fight in Iraq.

“What?  You are worried about Iran?  How can that be?

“That honorable, trustworthy regime is at the secret negotiating table with us as we speak.  Don’t worry about what’s on the table.

“Trust me.  Remember how I assured you that you could keep your doctor and insurance under Obamacare?  Well, I assure you now that we will come out of these negotiations with a guarantee that Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon.

“What?  You say the UN inspectors have just reported that Iran is not cooperating with them under the existing agreement?

“Not to worry.  I will insure that the Ayatollahs promise to do better under this agreement.  Trust me!  Trust them!”

So here’s the perspective.

If you buy President Obama’s and Secretary of State Kerry’s explanations of the effects of the agreements they are negotiating with Iran, do not spend all your cash on the purchase.  Keep a few pennies to buy my interest in the Brooklyn Bridge.

My guarantee of the title to the bridge will be every bit as valuable as the administration’s guarantee of keeping nukes out of the hands of terrorists.  

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