Thursday, November 21, 2013

Speaking of Mellinials and Blaming Others

According to an article in Urgent Communications President Obama has decided, "in the wake of the troubled roll out of the website, he supports information technology acquisition reform . . . " Seems he has found his scapegoat.  Turns out it wasn't his teams inept leadership or the 500 + million sole source contract that just happened to go to one of his big bundlers, that screwed up the Affordable Care Act web site.  No No No, it is his administrations Federal Government procurement procedure that is the problem.  So instead of leading, taking responsibility for his own failure, his plan is to do what he has always done, go on the offensive and blame others for his irresponsible actions and failure to lead.  The problem you see is that the Federal IT procurement process is just to convoluted for anyone, even a Nobel Peace prize winner to manage.    

It is amazing how arrogant and irresponsible this man is!  He should be resigning, yet he is on the offense being the Eddie Haskel of 2013!

I'm just sayin!

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