Friday, December 9, 2011

Newt Gingrich, the smartest guy in every room I have seen him in so far!

Newt is possibly the last, best hope we have to restore America to greatness.  He is smart, experienced, a proven leader, a business man and astute politician.  Just as importantly he has proven that he can handle himself on the world stage and will stand up for America in the world.  He shares the conservative and religious values of most American's, is not afraid to take on the idiots in the Integrity Free Media (IFM), and knows America's best days are ahead of it.

Newt is taking a lot of heat now that he is leading the Republican field and he has some baggage, and has made some mistakes in the past, but who hasn't? However unlike most politicians, most recently our illustrious Attorney General, Mr. Gonzales who very carefully parses his every word,  Newt doesn't split hairs and back peddle, he simply "owns" his mistakes and takes any questions or criticism straight on and provides a frank and thoughtful response that actually makes sense.  

Do yourself and America a favor, pay attention to what he says, not what the IFM, the Democrats or the inside the Beltway political pundits on the right and the left say about him.  Listen to him, read his books, and then use your common sense  about the choices you make at the ballot box.  

For a taste of Newt's brilliance watch Newt in a recent debate!

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