Sunday, December 11, 2011

Labor board drops complaint over Boeing's nonunion S.C. plant

WASHINGTON – The National Labor Relations Board on Friday officially dropped its high-profile case challenging Boeing's decision to open a nonunion aircraft manufacturing plant in South Carolina.
  • Boeing's headquarters in Chicago.
    By Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Boeing's headquarters in Chicago.
By Scott Olson, Getty Images

The board acted after the Machinists union approved a 4-year contract extension with Boeing earlier this week and agreed to withdraw its charge that the company violated federal labor laws.
Lafe Solomon, the board's acting general counsel, said he had always preferred a settlement. The agency settles about 90% of its cases.

So if there was ever any doubt about who controls the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), this should make it clear.  First the Federal Government (that is the Community Organizer in Chief, Barack Obama) files a suit against Boeing to block Boeing from running its business and spending its shareholders money the way they see fit because Boeing was going to open a NONUNION plant!   Then surprise, surprise the union thugs in the Machinists union are successful in extorting from Boeing a 4 year contract extension with Boeing to build more airplanes in Washington State and presto, the Federal Government all of a sudden decides that  it is not an issue for Boeing to build a nonunion plant in South Carolina.  
Now here in Texas this looks an awful lot like collusion between the Organizer-in-Chief's thugs and the Union thugs, but in the Obama Administration this seems to be "business as usual".  
Willie P

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