Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deficit Commission Failure

Are you kidding me?

The Congressional Super Committee to address the Federal Government's uncontrolled spending spree or your and my money couldn't find a way to cut $120 billion a year over the next ten years out of a Federal Spending budget of $3,500 billion. $120 billion is less than 3.5% in cuts. Is there anyone in the world who believes that the government could not cut it's budget by a measley 3.5%?

Additionally our Ruling Elite elected officials that "we the people elected" currently spend $1,200 billion more than we take in in revenue. We borrow the rest or we extract it by force from the tax payers. So even if our Super Committee of the Ruling Elite had somehow found $120 billion cuts to make, that would have meant that we were still spending over $1,080 Billion more than we take in each year.

Could you run your household by spending 30% more than you make each year? So why should "we the people" allow those we elected to run our country continue to destroy the country each year by their irresponsible fiscal policy?

And BTW the Super Committee never had a goal of actually reducing spending, their goal was to simply slow the rate of spending by $120 billion a year but they couldn't even agree on that.

So I say what the Super Committee members should have done when they announced their failure, was to submit their resignations from Congress effective immediately. We should demand that kind of accountability from those we hire and pay extremely well each year to represent OUR interest.

But I am just an old country boy from small town America, and I could be wrong!

Willie P

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