Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Rigged Political System

The last few weeks of this election cycle have opened my eyes.  We the people have naively thought that it was our  cumulative decision who our nominee would be.  I think we are now seeing the GOP establishment hosts the primaries as a charade to support that naivety.  The gig is up, and it is clear that  it is not "we the people" who will choose a nominee for president, but "THEY, the establishment," which includes sitting politicians, the lobbyists representing a broad swath of industries, who line their pockets,  and the media mouthpieces who trumpet their causes!  

THEY have tasted power, privilege and financial spoils and I now believe THEY will stop at nothing to make sure their dominion shall long endure!! Though many of us have had an inkling, never has this blatant abuse of the American populace been so apparent to vast numbers of  our population as in the last few weeks.  THEIR bed wetting, running in circles, hair pulling machinations to THWART the "will of the stupid little people"  and SELECT an appropriate candidate who will not upset THEIR apple cart is undeniably transparent!!

The president for past 7+ years was not my choice,by a long shot, but I thought he was selected by the will of the people and it was the burden, of those who felt strongly that he was unfit to be president, to endure until the next election cycle to try again!!  

Now I clearly see that THEY in the GOP do not intend to let the will of the people be the final word.  It is a sad day in my heart to realize that "we the stupid little people" no longer even have the false dignity of thinking that we choose our nominees!  The America I have Cherished in the depths of my soul has become a charade!  I am just a pawn in George Sorros and the Koch brothers game!

I also see that there is a They on the other side as well and both THEYs are in an unholy alliance To suckle the financial teat and Protect their Power.  They have become a DICTATOR CLASS unresponsive to the "will of the people."

While these ideas have flitted around in my mind as possibilities I did not want to admit the truth to myself because it would undermine what I believed about the USA.  I now know they are a reality I must  sadly acknowledge.

Even a  crude, bellicose, and verbally belligerent nominee is not nearly so disheartening as a Rigged System!!!!

From a regular reader!

I'm Just Sayin!

Willie P

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