Monday, November 16, 2015

First Step in Winning a War!

Bill Neinast


When the Dallas Cowboys substitute a new quarterback during a game, they do not change their name.  The opposing team is still battling the Dallas Cowboys.

So it is with our most active enemy today.  We are at war with Muslim radicals, jlihadists, or terrorists.  Call them al Qaeda,  ISIL, ISIS, Taliban or anything else you can think of.

Strike hard enough at al Qaeda to make them change their name and you have accomplished nothing. They will just fight on the next day under a different name.

Until this country and the rest of the world, including a number of peaceful Muslim nations, recognizes that we are engaged in a long term war, we will have to accept more deadly battles like the one in Paris over the weekend.

In the words of Congressman McCaul quoted here last week, “We haven't made decisions in the region in terms of a strategy, and when you don't have a strategy, you fail.”

Those words are prophetic.  We do not have a strategy and we are failing.  President Obama will not even acknowledge that we have a well defined enemy--radical Muslims.

Now we are not even leading from behind.  France is leading on one front and Russia is marching out smartly on another.

Not to worry, though.  Our President is out there trying to lead on another front.   He is gearing up for what he says is the most serious threat facing the U.S. today--global warming.

That is hard to believe.  Our president is saying, “Sticks and stones or, in this case, bombs and rockets, may break our bones, but the earth going through another warming cycle will kill us all.  Those scientists from England, Russia, Mexico and other nations that claim we will enter another mini ice age in 2030 because of solar flare cycles are just trying to get us to take our eyes off the ball.”

After all,according to him,  al Qaeda is no more.  Its place has been taken by ISIL, but that is just the JV team.  That is why there is no need to put boots on the ground in that area anymore.

What about those 50 U.S, troops being deployed to Iraq and Syria?  They will be wearing sneakers or, according to one cartoonist, stilts, so there will be no new American boots on the ground.

This is no way to fight and win a war.  Drones and air strikes will not do the job.  The enemies’ personnel, headquarters, supplies, and support systems have to be destroyed permanently.

French President Francois Holland recognizes that reality.   He has announced that the terrorist network must be destroyed and has initiated military actions to do so. That leaves Obama bringing up the rear again. 

Meanwhile,  Russia’s Vladimir Putin is supporting his buddy Assad in Syria.  That country is thus slated to become a puppet for Russia and Iran.  Those countries will then take control the oil rich sands of the Middle East.  

So here’s the perspective.

Basic provisions of military operation orders are to establish the object or purpose of the planned operation and to record the intelligence available on the subject.  In other words, what is the strategy and what enemy will be encountered. 

If any of that exists at the national level today, it is being kept under heavy wraps.  President Obama has not publicily identified any threat other than global warming that we are facing.  

He has yet to acknowledge that we are under attack by MUSLIM terrorists and Russia.  

The first step in winning a war is acknowledging that the war is under way.

When will that happen here?  

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