Sunday, August 24, 2014

Speaking of Intellectual Nincompoops and their Elitist Attitudes

1. If you believe Christian aggression 1,000 years ago during the Crusades is a valid reason for modern Muslim aggression and beheadings.
2. If you bemoan the rise of the military industrial complex and NSA spying on citizens, while at the same time voting for politicians who favor maximum government intervention in our day-to-day lives.
3. If you consistently rage against the evils of coal and oil, then drive your electric car home and plug it into a socket powered by a plant that runs on…coal and oil.
4. If you think illegal immigrant children from all over the world should be educated in our public education system at the cost of the taxpayer, but think a black woman who lies about her street address to get her son into a better public school in the suburbs is a criminal.
5. If you think a ban on aborting babies after the 8th month is unjust but insist on banning plastic bags, e-cigarettes, black cars (something that has been attempted multiple times in California), crosses in public, Bibles in school, fireworks, transfats, sugar, fast food restaurants…you get the drift.
6. If you think making people pay for their own birth control constitutes a “war on women,” but female genital mutilation is a “cultural marker.” 
7. Similarly, if you don’t want the government in your vagina but want the government to pay for what goes in your vagina.
8. If you regularly use the terms “cisgender” or “heteronormative.”
9. If you use a whole bunch of words to define something that has been simply defined since the beginning of time by all cultures everywhere at all times…forever. Boy, girl, man, woman – see…easy peezy and everyone knows what you’re talking about. IEs always need to complicate the simple and simplify the complicated.
10. If you believe requiring an ID to vote is racist but it is not racist to require an ID to: buy a gun, cash a check, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, attend a townhall meeting with your representative, enter the White House, go to a club, get on an airplane, drive a car, buy a car, insure a car, fill a prescription, buy cold medicine, open a bank account, register for school, get a library card…again, you get the drift.
11. If you are so far removed from the horrors of slavery and the ’60s civil rights movement that you equate “microagression” with being ripped apart by dogs and fire hoses because you drank out of the wrong water fountain or sat in the wrong seat on a bus.
Are you worried you may be an Intellectual Elitist? Some steps you can take toward recovery – head straight out and buy a six-pack of Budweiser, drink it while watching an “Archie Bunker” marathon and be sure to bookmark for the best in anti-traditional media, anti-elitist stories.
The above was sent to me by a friend and it was just too dang good to not to pass on to the readers of Common Sense Thinkers.
Willie P

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