Sunday, April 6, 2014

Congressional Stupidity!

Congressman: Members of Congress are underpaid

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) said in an interview with Roll Call on Thursday that members of Congress are underpaid and can't afford to live "decently" in Washington.
“I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid,” Moran said. “I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”

Well Well Well Congressman Moran (D-Va.) I appreciate you drawing this analogy for us.  As a director, of this entity, under your tenure on the Board of Directors, lets look at the performance of the economic entity you believe you need to be paid more to serve.
  1. It hasn't had a surplus (Profit) since before the turn of the century. 
  2. Since your fellow Democrats took control of the Board of Directors in 2007 the entities losses (deficits) have grown from $400 billion a year to over several trillion dollars a year.
  3. Since the new CEO (President) took over in January of 2009, elected by overwhelming support of the Democratically controlled Board of Directors (Congress) the combined debt of the entity has risen from $5 trillion (incurred by the first 43 CEO's and Directors) to over $17 trillion dollars.
  4. The unfunded mandates for pensions for your entities union based employees exceeds $95 trillion dollars.  
  5. The Board of Directors (the Senate and House) have refused to control your spending by passing and enforcing a budget as required by the Charter (Constitution).
  6. The CEO, elected by the shareholders (citizens), based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors (you and your co-harts) has repeatedly, violated the Charter (Constitution), yet the Board of Directors (you and your co-harts) have refused to hold the CEO responsible for these breaches of trust.  
Now if you really were a Board of Director of a corporation that abused its shareholders as the Congress and the current President have done on your watch, you would he held responsible for your actions by the laws passed by Congress (OMG that is you).   Further you would have personal responsibility for the actions taken by the entity.

Now I know that for Democrats all history begins tomorrow, but you should recall that the last economic entity (company) that ran amuck with its shareholder's (taxpayers in your case) money was Enron.  The good news is the laws (the foundation of which is the Constitution) of this great country, made certain that the Board of Directors and officers were punished and many are now serving sentences in Federal prisons.

I appreciate your suggestion that American's look at you as a board of directors, it would be fitting to see you and the reset of your Board of Directors be treated like the Constitution says you should be treated by holding you personally responsible for your actions and being forced to live by the laws that you and your cohorts demand private industry be held to.  

I'm just sayin! 

Willie P

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