Monday, March 4, 2013

Budget Sequester

If you haven't read any of Jamie Dupree's reports from Washington you should do so.  He has an excellent blog, and Neal Boortz has validated him as a fair and balanced reporter of the facts.  He provides opinions and information that are logically thought out, not full of hype, and pass my reasonableness test.  Check out his latest on the sequester by clicking here.

Interesting that these are real cuts to discretionary programs, not just reduction in spending increases.  What is even more interesting is that by the time you read through this piece you will learn that the US Government spending is convoluted, so complex, so riddled with special rules and past legislation that virtually no one can figure it out, track it, or control it.  It is a complex system gone wild and sadly I am convinced it is by design.

Who in their right mind would allow this kind of complex system to be enacted?  Well my friends I have found the enemy and it is us, we the people, because we elect people to serve and then we are off our merry way watching football, NASCAR, and other sports and never hold our representatives accountable.  We have no one to blame for this mess, but us!

I'm just sayin!

Wille P

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