Thursday, February 21, 2013

How much money does the US spend each year?

The US spends about $3,700 billion dollars ($3.7 trillion) annually.

How much money is $3.7 trillion?

Well lets say your spouse had a really serious spending habit of say $10,000 per day.  To spend $3.7 trillion dollars at $10,000 per day would take your spouse over 1million years to spend it all!

How much does the US government spend in a day?  Approximately $10,136,986,301 per day! 

Yet we hear on the news that if we were to cut $85 billion in government spending (less than 10 days worth of spending, the world as we know it will stop spinning, children will starve, planes won't fly and over 800,000 civilian employees of the US military would be fired.  

My friends, someone, somewhere is either really poor at math, or is lying to us, or both!

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